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The idea for this podcast began long before podcasts existed. I wanted a website with Irish and Celtic song lyrics combined with audio files so you could listen and learn the songs if you weren't paper trained (aka you don't read sheet music). Podcasts offer a great new means to disseminate songs.

To keep up the folk tradition alive, I will release one traditional Irish or Celtic song every week with a few tidbits about it and a link to the lyrics in the directory. You can listen, download, share it, burn it to a CD, create video using the song, post it on your website, do whatever you like with the song as long as per the Creative Commons license to the right.

This site is meant to be a guide to help you learn to sing Celtic songs, but if you do enjoy the music, please support this website and podcast by either making a donation, buying MP3s, or purchasing a CD. Show your support of the free podcast and free lyrics with a donation or a link to the website.

Thank you very much for all your support, and please let me know how I can serve you better.

-Marc Gunn, Cat Lover and Bard

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