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When I first started learning Irish songs, I scoured the internet trying to find a decent directory of Irish folk songs. There were only a handful of websites at that time. But there was a problem. I was not raised singing Irish songs. So I didn't know the melodies. I found one site that started posting wav files so you could hear the songs, but who in their right mind wants to download a wav file?

That was the idea that sparked my imagination. That's when I started posting the lyrics to all of the songs that I sang with the Brobdingnagian Bards. But not just lyrics. Sound clips too! I'm crappy at reading sheet music. I want to hear the songs.

Are you like to both read and hear new songs you learn? Me too!

Well, in any case, as my repetoire grew, I posted more and more songs. Now I know scores of songs and haven't yet recorded them.

That's my goal with Irish-Song-Lyrics.com. I want to record songs so you can hear what they sound like and learn by singing-a-long.

So if you found this website useful, please help me keep it growing. There are several ways:

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Your help will go a long way to make this website the best thing for Irish music since the invention of the fiddle. Slainte!

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