Paddy McCollough

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From: Songs of Ireland

words by Marc Gunn, music by Gunn McKee

Paddy McCollough was a fine young actor
He played in the streets of Old Killonay
He had a voice like a church bell ringing
People would gather and they'd say,

"There is a man who will play for the King
There's a man who will sing for the Queen
All the world's a stage for this fine young actor
If Paddy can find the way"

Paddy McCollough toured through all the Islands
He played for Lords and for Ladies
The woman swooned when he took the stage
For he was a man who made ladies faint
They'd say...

The King he saw Paddy in the theatre
A noble actor with a regal demeanor
The King he laughed, and the Queen was blushing
When Paddy walked through the door
They said...

Paddy McCollough lived a life of leisure
The chief actor in the King's own play
He sang for Lords and he sang for Ladies
Until his final days

"There is a man who'll play for God in Heaven
There's a man who'll teach the angels to sing
All the world's a stage for this fine young actor
Oh! Paddy he found the way!
Yes! Paddy, he found the way!
Aye! Paddy, he found the way!

Chords: KEY D

D A7 D


Background: One day on the South Mall, after improving a cool new song, Andrew made the comment that I always write the depressing music, and he always writes the positive upbeat music. I thought about it a bit. Jokingly I said no... Thought some more, and you know he was right. So I went straight to work and wrote the lyrics for "Paddy McCollough" about a humble Irish actor who through talent and charm wins his way into heaven.



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