Black Is The Color

"Black is the Color" lyrics and music traditional

Performed by Marc Gunn
Irish Drinking Songs: A Cat Lover's Companion


Black is the color of my true love's hair
Her lips are like some roses fair
She has the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands.
I love the ground whereon she stands

I love my love and well she knows
I love the ground whereon she goes.
And I wish the day, it soon will come
That she and I will be as one

I'll go to the Clyde and I'll mourn and weep
Where satisfied I never shall be
I'll write her a letter, just a few short lines
And suffer death ten thousand times

Irish Drinking Songs

Chords: Key Cm

[Cm]Black is the color [Bb]of my true love's [Cm]hair
Her lips are li-[Bb]ke some roses [Cm]fair
She has the sweetest sm-[Bb]ile and the gentlest [Cm]hands.
I love the ground [Bb]whereon she [Cm]stands


This is an old song dating with tune origins probably dating to the 18th century. The lyrics were first recorded in around 1916 and believed to be out of the Appalacian Mountains, although it is so fully engrained in the folk tradition that many believe it to be out of Scotland as attibuted by the verse "I'll go to the Clyde" which is a river that runs through Glasgow.

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