Barnyards of Delgaty

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From: Irish Drinking Songs: A Cat Lover's Companion

words and music traditional

As I went down to Turra market,
Turra market for to fee
I fell in with a market farmer,
The barnyards of Delgaty

Linten addie toorin addie,
Linten addie toorin ee
Linten lowrin lowrin lowrin,
The barnyards of Delgaty

He promised me the finest horse
That e'er I set my eyes upon
When I got to the barnyards,
T here was nothing there but skin and bone

As I went down to church on Sunday,
Many's the bonnie lass I see
Sitting by her mothers side,
Winkin' over the pews at me.

Now, I can drink and not get drunken,
I can fight and not be slain
I can court with another mans lass
And I'll be welcome to me ain

Now my candle is burnt oot,
My snotter's fairly on the wane
Fare ye well ye barnyards,
You'll not see me here again.

Chords: KEY C


Background: A Scottish bothy ballad. The bothy is the shed where the plowman slept. These plowmen would go to special fairs to find work. They didn't always have the best working conditions. This song tells of the struggles and dreams of a Scottish farm worker in Delgaty located in Aberdeenshire.